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These Cameras Can Let You Take A 360-Degree Selfie

When you go here, there, and everywhere, snapping selfies along the way, why not add a new element? Kick it up a notch with 360-degree cameras.

360-degree cameras can be a great companion to your smartphone. With this type of camera, you can take some truly incredible photos and then share them on your favorite social networking apps. If you already share everything about your life on social media anyway, take it to the next level by revealing everything happening all around you with the first generation of 360-degree cameras. Think of it as a new kind of selfie.

These cameras are great for making you feel as though you were a part of the action. You can relive these moments using a VR headset, upload them to Facebook or other social networks, or just watch them on your Android phone. While it depends on the camera you choose, those are some of the different options available. The following are some of the 360-degree cameras that you should check out now.

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360Fly 4K

This 360-degree camera features 2880 x 2880 pixels, a 360 x 240 field of view, and boasts water resistance at up to thirty feet. The battery outlasts much of the competition, clocking in at around one and a half hours. It offers 64GB of storage and a microSD card slot. It has a 2.5” diameter and weighs in at just over six ounces.

LG 360 Cam

It isn’t exactly a true 360-degree camera because it can’t get the full circle in every direction, but its ease of use, portability, and nice-on-the-wallet price tag makes it more than just a passable device. With a 2560 x 1280 pixel video resolution and an hour of battery life, the 2.65-ounce item may prove popular with frequent travelers.

Samsung Gear 360

Your video resolution hits 3840 x 1920 pixels. Made for Samsung phones, this camera also features a battery that lasts for an hour. While it isn’t water-resistant like the 360Fly 4K, it is at least splash-proof. It will hold up to 200GB and also has a microSD card slot. At 5.4 ounces, it isn’t the heaviest model.

How to Improve Your 360-Degree Camera

When you decide you are ready to move ahead and purchase a 360-degree camera, you might want to make sure you throw a selfie stick into the mix. Doing so can help you to get the right angle to take a better photo. You could also get a VR headset to “transport you” to other locations and improve your experience with your camera.