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How Can Apps be Repackaged With Malware?

The apps you’re using may contain malware without you even knowing. Look into this today to protect yourself.

The world of technology is great in so many ways, but it also can present some serious dangers. When it comes to hackers and those with malicious motives, they are unfortunately relentless and ruthless when it comes to finding a way to get your information. From your banking information to credit card numbers to even personal information that you wouldn’t want shared with a stranger, they find crafty and downright frightening ways to break into your personal devices. To keep your Android phone safe from prying eyes, use dfndr security’s full virus scan to scan your phone and SD card for malware and viruses:


One of the criminal methods used by cybercriminals involves repackaging apps with malware. This may seem like a confusing concept, but it’s a simple one – and it’s something to definitely be aware of as you use your mobile device. Especially since so many of us use and enjoy apps on our phones, it’s certainly something to lookout for.

When an app becomes popular – whether it is one for productivity, a game, or something in between, it’s not uncommon for other developers to put “knock offs” of that app on app stores to give users more variety. However, these choices may come with a price. Cybercriminals are frequently masking what is actually malware in these alluring apps’ packaging.

How this works is that before apps are distributed, the hackers add a malicious code to them. This could lead to issues such as premium service abuse – which causes users to unknowingly wrack up charges – to data theft and even anti-malware deactivation.

The scariest thing about this is that users will not even know that it’s happening as the “malicious” app runs on their phones. The function of the app will be likely to run exactly as an unsuspecting user would expect it to, all the while exposing him or her to harm to their device and even their personal life and finances.

Users should keep in mind that hackers are crafty. They create these apps to look nearly identical to the original, which can lead to users even downloading them by accident and not even realizing they are downloading a “knockoff”. Developers make these particularly alluring and intriguing to device users, as they are looking for any way to penetrate their device and to put their bad intentions into action.