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How Can You Boost Your Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Slow Wi-Fi can be a major pain. Find out how you can boost your Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone and other devices to browse the web frustration-free.

There are few things in modern life more frustrating than a slow Wi-Fi connection. Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can improve your Wi-Fi so that you no longer experience lagging or crashing. Before you try some of the below methods for boosting your Wi-Fi connection, you should first use the Wi-Fi Check feature. Click here to check the status of your Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi Check will check your network speed, download speed, DNS security, and network security to ensure that your Wi-Fi is behaving normally. You’ll be able to quickly see whether or not your Wi-Fi is working at the speed it should be. If it isn’t, try one of the below methods to boost your Wi-Fi connection.

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Move Your Wi-Fi Router

Many people like to keep their routers hidden or on the floor, which can greatly interfere with your’s Wi-Fi’s signal strength. Your Wi-Fi router should be in a central position in your home, preferably on an open, top shelf that doesn’t interfere with the signal. Your router should also be located away from household appliances such as microwaves and telephones.

Reset and Update Your Router

If you want to improve your Wi-Fi connection, then you should make sure that your router’s software is up to date. You should also reset your router now and then, on a daily or weekly basis. This should help to clear up many of your connectivity issues. It’s also usually the first step that customer support asks you to take when you’re having Wi-Fi trouble.

Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal

If you live in a big home, then your router may not be able to reach certain parts of the home, no matter how much you try to find the perfect location. Consider purchasing a Wi-Fi range extender to boost your signal in rooms that are farther from the router. These usually cost anywhere between $20-$80.

Change the Antennas on Your Router

For the strongest Wi-Fi connection for all of your devices, your router’s antennas should be in a perpendicular position. This will help to boost the signal on your PC and mobile devices.