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You Can Influence Your Snapchat Best Friends List

The “best friends” feature on Snapchat can make things a bit awkward and make others feel excluded. Here’s how to change your best friends settings.

Have you ever noticed that your Snapchat best friends don’t necessarily align with the best friends you have in real life? It’s certainly not uncommon. Here, you can learn how to change your best friends to tailor it to your best interest.

Snapchat Best Friends?
Your best friends on snapchat are simply the ones you interact with most frequently. These best friends appear at the top of your contact list. This is intended to make snapchat more convenient for you — if you tend to Snapchat someone a lot, they make it easier for you to send them snaps.

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How to Select Buddies to Be on Your Best Friends List
In short, you can’t. However, you can increase your frequency of interaction with the desired friend that you want on your best friend. Snapchat utilizes something called a “Magical Snapchat Friendship Algorithm” to devise your list.

What do the Friend Emojis mean?
If you look at your friends list, you will notice an array of emojis next to some of their names. These can be a little bit confusing. While you can customize which emoji means what, here are the standard uses.

  • Heart – “BFF.” This appears next to your top best friend when you are also their number 1 best friend, for two weeks in a row.
  • 2 Hearts – “Super BFF.” Same as BFF, but two months instead of two weeks.
  • Yellow Heart – When you and your #1 best friend are both at the top of each other’s lists.
  • Fire – “Snapstreak!” Appears with a number next to it. This number represents how many days in a row you and your friend have snapchatted. If you go 24 hours without snapping this person, you lose the snapstreak.
  • Baby – “New friend.” This appears next to someone who is new to your friends list.

What is a Snapchat Score?
Your snapchat score is indicative of how often you use your Snapchat. According to Snapchat, a “special equation” is used to help devise this number. It is decided by:

  • # of snaps sent
  • # of snaps received
  • # of stories posted

The fourth one is unknown — Snapchat uses another algorithm to help figure out this mysterious number.

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