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Can a Lack of Storage Space Affect Internet Speed?

Lacking storage space on your phone is never a fun experience. Can overloading your phone with files affect your phone’s performance and Internet speed?

The storage space on your phone is almost full, and suddenly your phone’s performance seems like it’s lagging behind. Even your Internet seems to be slower than usual. But are these two related to each other? The answer: your phone’s minimal storage space could be the reason for your slow Internet, if your browser app is storing too many temporary files on your device. Click here to quickly remove all useless files from your device with Quick Cleanup:

The Quick Cleanup feature will allow you to instantly remove all junk files, temporary files, trash files, and cache. These unnecessary files can take up a lot of space on your device because of the way modern apps collect and store them. Clearing these files from your phone will free up space on your device for new apps and files, in addition to improving the performance of your phone and apps. If you’ve never cleared cache from your Internet app before, then clearing these files should help to improve your online experience.

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While a lack of storage space and your slow Internet speed may be unrelated, they’re still issues that you shouldn’t ignore. Continue reading to find out how you can tackle these issues on your smartphone.

How to Find Out Why Your Internet is Slow

Your Internet could be slow for a number reasons. It could be the result of an old router, placing your router in an undesirable location, or an issue with your Internet service provider. Click here to use Wi-Fi Check to check the speed of your Internet and your network security:

How to Respond to a Lack of Storage Space

A lack of storage space can be frustrating because you’ll no longer be able to download new apps and files. Your phone may also start to lag behind, because it’s having a harder time performing tasks. In order to free up space on your device, you should evaluate all of the files on your device. Back up any videos, photos, and music that you want to keep, and then delete these files from your phone.

If you don’t have a microSD card for your phone, you should get one to store any media files that you want to keep on your device. Make sure to look up how much external storage space your device can hold before purchasing a microSD card. Some phones can only hold 32GB of storage space, while more powerful phones can hold up to 256GB.