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Can Your Phone Case Prevent it from Charging Properly?

Some phone cases are so bulky in design that they can prevent your phone from charging properly. Find out how a case might affect your phone’s battery.

Some smartphone users buy phone cases for practical purposes, such as to protect phones from water damage or drops, while others buy cases for aesthetic reasons. Beyond that, users may not put a lot of thought into how their phone case affects their smartphone. However, the design and material of the case can play a huge role in the phone’s performance — it can actually affect how well the phone charges. Click here to use Total Charge to see how your phone is charging:

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Total Charge will help you to monitor your phone’s charging process, so you can quickly see how your phone is doing. If your phone is not charging properly — or if it keeps disconnecting, perhaps due to your phone case —you’ll be able to tell through the charger monitor screen, which shows each stage of the charging process. This feature will also alert you when your phone is done charging, so that you can prevent your phone from overcharging, which will damage your phone’s battery.   

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How the Material of Your Phone Case Comes Into Play

The material of a phone case can affect how well a phone charges or functions. Certain materials, such as leather or plastic, can cause the phone to retain heat. This worsens if your phone is charging or if you’re asking your phone to perform too many functions at once. If you think your phone isn’t charging correctly due to your phone case causing it to overheat, try removing your phone case to see if that helps to remedy the issue.

The Design of Your Phone Case Can Affect Your Phone

Many phone cases that are designed to be waterproof or drop-proof, especially if they are cheaply made, can interfere with how your phone charges. If a case is poorly designed or too bulky, it may cause the charger to frequently disconnect. This will of course affect how your phone charges because it is continuously being unplugged.

Find a Better Phone Case

Phone cases aren’t as important as they used to be for protecting a device. If you must have a particular case on your phone — and if it isn’t causing your device to overheat when unplugged — then simply remove the case whenever it’s charging. This will help to keep your battery cool, which will preserve its life and allow it to charge more efficiently. In addition to using Total Charge, look for a phone case that will help keep your phone cool, such as one with a more open design.