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How Can You Stay Safe on the TalkTalk App?

Amidst controversy, the TalkTalk app is working to maintain its security. We could all use a reminder to do the same! Find out more.

There have been a number of controversies surrounding TalkTalk, a UK-based communication service that provides mobile network services to large-scale businesses. The company is currently more susceptible to hackers, with evidence of tech-savvy citizens and younger individuals being able to breach the systems and access information. New malware is created every day, and the tech world is ever-changing. To protect your phone from hackers and malware, you should run regular virus scans. This is especially important after downloading new apps, to make sure that the app doesn’t secretly contain malware. Click here to run a Full Virus Scan to check your device and SD card for security threats:

How Safe is TalkTalk?

TalkTalk has come under fire in recent weeks for classified information exposure and low profit margins for the coming year. Events such as these have hit the news consistently over the past three years, and the company was hit hard with a wave of unfortunate events in April that are threatening its practices.  In the meantime, TalkTalk users need to exercise discretion when using this service, in case of another tech emergency. Here are a few ways of doing so:

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  1. Check Your Bank Information

Users of the TalkTalk app, My TalkTalk, are able to check account balances and bank statements from the company. With mobile credit card payments as an attainable option, checking with your bank to view further protective options is a wise financial choice, as well.

  1. Update, Update, Update

A way to avoid issues with a device’s security is being diligent with software updates. Anyone looking to hack into a device will have an easier time on outdated systems that are in desperate need of updates. If possible, check for new versions and components to your Android device often, to guarantee that the latest protection will be put into play.

  1. ​Pay Attention

Above all else, keep track of mobile device usage. If charges look erroneous for a month, it does no harm to check with the company to ensure that they are correct. My TalkTalk has tabs that allow users to view their bills and data usage, and keeping track every month will create a median number to reference with each billing period. The most important step is personal diligence, and everyone can have a safe experience with TalkTalk and many other companies with those actions taken!