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Be Careful When Turning on “Unknown Sources” on Your Android

Installing software from unknown sources is risky. Find out why you should think twice before downloading from unknown sources or the Amazon App Store.

Sometimes, when you want an app that isn’t on the Google Play store, you might turn to the Amazon App Store. The Amazon App Store allows users unlimited access to many apps that aren’t approved by Google Play’s strict guidelines. When you have the “Unknown Sources” option turned off, you can’t download any apps or software from stores other than the Play Store. But be aware that downloading apps from the Amazon app store and other third-party sites can open up your phone to malicious apps. Add an extra layer of protection like the security scan feature to check for any hidden viruses:


You may want a certain app that isn’t available in the Play store, but whenever you switch “Unknown Sources” on, you are opening up your phone to a multitude of unwanted viruses.

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Google Play is very tough on which apps it allows into the Play store. Still, malicious apps can sometimes make it into the Play store, so you should always be wary of any app that you download, and run a Security Scan after downloading new apps.

Amazon’s App Store
Amazon’s new app store will offer great deals and cheaper apps to Android users, but it will come at a risk of reduced security. The only way to put the Amazon App Store app on your Android phone is by allowing installations of apps from “Unknown Sources.” Phone security experts say that the Play store is safer because they can immediately see any viruses and use a “kill switch” to remove any infected apps from Android phones. Sadly, the Amazon App Store doesn’t come with any such protections in the event that their apps have viruses.

Although these problems seem very risky and dangerous, Amazon does claim that it is very careful in choosing which apps appear in their App Store and that they work hard to ensure that the chances of downloading malware are low. Overall, no matter where you get your apps from, there is always a small risk of getting a virus. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.