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Change the Speed of Your Android Games in 5 Easy Steps

Looking to get a boost in your Android games? Here are five easy steps you can take to alter the speed and get the competitive edge.

If you’re a mobile gamer, you know that you’ll do anything to win. That means inviting friends to play, sometimes paying for extra features, or bringing out all the stops to get your own high score. These extra features can put a strain on your phone’s performance. The first step you should take to speed up your games involves using dfndr security’s game booster feature. Click here to reduce loading times and to eliminate lag while playing games on your device:

Besides this juicy tip, did you know that it’s possible to change the speed of your Android games, enabling you to get a higher score and reach new levels? Better yet, you can do it in five easy steps.

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Step 2: Change the Mouse Speed
If you didn’t already know, you can change the mouse speed on your Amazon device, enabling you to scroll faster in games like fruit ninja or others that require a quick cursor. While this doesn’t technically alter the speed of the game, increased cursor sensitivity helps to build things up.

Step 3: Change the Animation Scale
This is another feature you may not have known about. In the settings, you can change the animation scale. This means that you can speed up or slow down the animations in the game, which can help to improve performance.

Step 4: Change Your Clock Speed
Another sure-fire way to alter the speed of the games you’re playing is to change your device’s clock speed. Now, your device will think time is running faster or much, much slower. By doing this, you can trick the game into running one way or another, depending on if you need to wait for a long time, or if you need to slow down the clock.

Step 5: Clean Up Your Device
If your games are running slowly, and if you find your phone overheating, don’t panic. Especially if you have an older phone, you may find that games run more slowly or tend to lag when you least want them to. By cleaning out your old files, removing photos, and deleting unused apps and data, you can make your phone run much more smoothly, which means a faster and easier gaming experience. Click here to use quick cleanup to instantly clear files from your device: