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Check Out These Five Apps for a Healthier Life

Are you interested in making some healthy changes to your life? Try one of these five apps to help you get started and stay on track.

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Health and wellness is one of the best trends to hit this decade. More people are taking their mental and physical health into their own hands and using a variety of methods to gain control of their lifestyles. Here are a few apps that will facilitate the journey — good luck!

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Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Already a popular nutrition tracker site, MyFitnessPal breaks down calorie intake and tracks progress to help log food consumption. It even tracks restaurant outings and water intake, for a holistic view on what it will take to reach the personal goals set forth by the user. Share your success through its social media portals and celebrate the joys that come with the achievements.

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

This one has a more specific goal in mind. Track your BMI and distance traveled, to guarantee accurate feedback. This app also allows users to create family and friend groups, so any health goals can be reached with a team of supporters.

WebMD for Android

Looking to diagnose an issue? Consult a professional opinion online in case something goes awry, health-wise. WebMD is a reliable source for ailments that can affect everyday life, with a symptom checker and different medication consulting options for a premium opinion. Double-check with a real physician for any ongoing problems, but this will help keep health in check.

iCare Health Monitor (BP & HR)

Real measurements of bodily functions can be invaluable. Whether it’s a tested heart rate or a workout result, iCare will measure heart rate to ensure that all systems are stable. This app is highly rated, easy to use, and gives back tremendous accuracy with instructions on how to achieve them.

Water Drink Reminder

It might seem like a small task, but staying hydrated is an incredibly important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. This app is a reminder to down a few glasses of H2O to maintain hydration and regulate systems. With plenty of customizations and a gentle reminder system, Water Drink Reminder is a subtle way to move towards achieving your health goals.