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Watch out for Pegasus, the “Total Takeover” Mobile Spyware

Pegasus — the “Total Takeover” mobile software that took over Apple’s mobile operating system — has now made its way onto Android in a new form called Chysaor.

Back in 2016, a debilitating spy software called Pegasus started being downloaded onto Apple users’ operating systems. Recently, a version of the Pegasus — now called Chysaor — was discovered on Android operating systems. The development of this software continues to prove that malware, spyware, ransomware, and other threats to your privacy are constantly evolving. That’s why it’s so important to regularly run a Full Virus Scan with DFNDR. While a Security Scan is effective, a Full Virus Scan offers even more complete protection of your phone files and programs:

If the hackers behind Pegasus — a heavily publicized piece of spyware — are bold enough to design new spyware to attack Android systems, imagine what other cybercriminals might be cooking up. After you run your virus scan, read on to learn about how to protect yourself from spyware that operates like Pegasus.

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Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus — designed to be a mobile spy on vulnerable information — was developed by an Israeli company that sold it to governments for “lawful interception.” The software has a lot of functions: it can read text messages, trace your phone’s locations, track calls, and monitor communications in popular programs like WhatsApp and Skype.

The spyware was discovered when a human rights defender named Ahmed Mansoor was sent an email that told him to click on a link. He found the link suspicious and sent it to be investigated. Pegasus spyware was then discovered — if Mansoor had clicked on the link, Pegasus would have been automatically downloaded onto his phone.

After the discovery, Apple released updated software that fixed the vulnerability Pegasus was attacking.

Chysaor Spyware

Not long after, Google found information that the Android version of Pegasus spy softwareChysaor — had found its way onto operating systems. Before the spyware could wreak havoc, Google found a way to protect users.

Protecting Yourself from Mobile Spyware

Luckily, Google stopped Chysaor before it could reach epidemic status. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to do when faced with a potential threat. First, there are very few ways for malware to be downloaded onto your phone if you don’t click on a link or other feature that downloads it there. That’s why you should never click on a link that looks suspicious or one from which you don’t know the sender.

The best way, however, to ensure you’re protected from spyware is to run regular virus scans. Even if you click on a malicious link, PSafe can still clear your phone of threats.