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How to Clear Your Facebook Search History

Your Facebook account keeps a record of your search history. Click here to learn out how to get rid of your haunting history once and for all.

As the famous author Haruki Murakami once said, “You can hide memories, but you can’t erase the history that produced them.” Luckily, Facebook has found a way to prove Mr. Murakami wrong.

Maybe you are embarrassed that you have searched your ex-lover’s name over 100 times on Facebook. Maybe you don’t want to be reminded that you searched searched Justin Bieber several times in 2012. Whatever the reason may be, you have a dark Facebook history and you need it to be deleted.

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How to Erase Your History

  1. Click on the cogwheel on the top right corner of your home page (for some, there is a drop down arrow in lieu of the cogwheel). After the menu drops down, you should see an “Activity Log” option. Click on it.
  1. Now you should see a menu that shows all of your recent activities, including groups, videos, games, etc. Select the “more” option to reveal the “search” button. Click on the search function.
  1. You should now see all of your recent search activity. You can scroll through the months to see what you searched in the past. While scrolling through this, it is important to note that your Facebook history is completely private and only available for you, so don’t stress over the fact that the entirety of your Facebook searches are saved online.
  1. The menu should read something along the lines of “[Your name] searched for [what you searched].” Next to this you should see a lock and a cancel option. The lock obviously locks and saves your search, but the cancel option completely wipes it away from cyberspace.
  1. It can be quite tedious manually deleting all of your Facebook searches. On the top right corner of your search history you should see a “Clear Searches” option. Click on this button to completely clear everything you have ever searched.

Voila! Your search history is gone, and you are ready to search away on a clean slate. Remember that once you delete your history, you can’t get it back, so be sure to save any searches that you don’t want to let go of using the lock function.

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