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How to Clear WhatsApp History on Your Android

WhatsApp chat history can take up a lot of space on your Android. When WhatsApp is taking up too much memory, use one of these methods to clear your history.

WhatsApp is designed to store your chat history so you don’t lose anything that you wanted to keep. But when this history takes up too much space on your phone, it’s important to know how to clear your history, too. The best way to stop WhatsApp from taking up too much space on your phone’s memory is by using WhatsApp Cleaner. Click here to clean out WhatsApp and make more room on your phone:

WhatsApp Cleaner helps you select and delete files you don’t want anymore and will show you how much space you can save by deleting unnecessary WhatsApp files, photos, and messages, allowing you to quickly remove them. You can also choose which files, and from which date, you want to remove, in case you want to keep an old photo or two. But if you’re ready to make a clean sweep of WhatsApp, the app itself also has several ways that you can get rid of your history entirely. The following will talk about a few of your other options.

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How to Delete Your Entire Chat History

Note: If you’re choosing this option, be aware that most of your messages won’t be saved.  

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp’s “Settings” and then click on “Media Settings.”
  2. From there, scroll to the bottom of your screen. There, you’ll find two options: “Delete all conversations” and “Clear all conversations.”
  3. If you want to delete messages and conversations, click on “Delete all conversations.” If you choose this option, your chats will still be available in your “Chats” list.
  4. If you want to delete messages but keep your conversations, click on “Clear all conversations.” Your conversations will still be on your “Chats” list.

How to Delete an Individual or Group Chat

  1. Navigate to “Chats” on the WhatsApp main page.
  2. Tap and hold the chat that you want to delete, or, if you want to delete many chats, you can click on “Select More” on the right-hand side of the screen and tap on multiple chat rows that you want to be eliminated.
  3. Once you’ve selected the chat or chats you want to be deleted, click “Delete” at the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen.
  4. Click “Delete chat” to confirm your request.

WhatsApp files can accumulate quickly, as the app’s settings program it to save nearly everything. To save space on your Android, you should regularly use WhatsApp Cleaner and one of these above methods to eliminate files you don’t need anymore.