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Common Files Android Users Delete and Regret Later

Overzealous with your deleting? Here's how to actually get rid of things you need — just try not to accidentally delete the things you should keep!

It happens to everyone. You are so used to your phone that your fingers fairly fly over the touchscreen. You don’t have to think about which buttons to push or where to find a file. You already know where everything is located — which sometimes leads to the accidental deletion of an important file. Not all deletions are bad. If your phone is getting sluggish and starting to slow down, use the Quick Cleanup feature to remove junk files from your phone and help it feel like new again:

Accumulating mountains of junk and resource-hogging trash takes time, but cleaning it all up doesn’t have to. Use Quick Cleanup for a super fast way to eliminate the trash on your Android phone. The Quick Cleanup scan will help you delete any junk files, temporary files, cache, and trash. Who needs them? Those files can take up a lot of space on your device and slow it down. Use the app and get it gone for good.

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Common Files You Probably Delete

  1. Text messages. You think you don’t need that text message so you delete it. That’s when you realize it contained an important phone number, address, or meeting time that you neglected to copy down. Slow down — make sure you have the info you need before clearing out your texts.
  2. Images. It’s so easy to delete an image, but it’s harder to get it back again. All of those unflattering selfies start to add up? Before you get rid of all of the images you don’t want anymore, make sure to backup all of your photos to your computer or to the cloud. Then, you won’t have to worry about deleting a photo you wanted to keep forever.
  3. Videos. If you are a fan of taking videos on your Android smartphone, then you are taking up even more room on your device than you would with images, especially if you find yourself frequently shooting videos. Back up these video files regularly to your computer or to the cloud so that you don’t accidentally delete a precious memory.

When you delete items from your phone, remember that you don’t need to hang onto every little thing. Let go of the images and videos you will never use. Just make sure you have all of the information, videos, and photos that you want to keep before you go crazy deleting old files. Once you’re done, follow it all up with a fast sweep of your phone with Quick Cleanup.