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Common Viruses and How to Stop Them Before it’s Too Late

Common Viruses and How to Stop Them Before it’s Too Late

Viruses can be a real problem to electronic devices. Here are some of the common ailments phones experience, as well as how to stop them in their tracks.

No matter how hard we try, our phones, tablets, and computers can become susceptible to virus infiltration. Viruses are characterized by their compromising nature; a device that comes into contact with any threat of this kind may experience slower, inhibited functions that stall usage. They can attach themselves to any external force, or even sneak into your system through a USB drive or tainted software, and it is crucial to know what can harm your hardware and software. Here are some common types of viruses and malware to watch out for, and how to handle them when they strike.

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This is coined as a broader term for viruses, worms, and the like. Short for “malicious software,” Android devices are not immune to the threats they bring to a device’s capabilities. There are hundreds of viruses, each with their own unique method of entering your device. Some of the most common are simple adware and spyware pop-ups, which can be ignored but never disregarded, because it is a sign of a weakened defense against bigger dangers.

Macro Viruses
Macro viruses are inconvenient based on what they target, which includes Microsoft Word processing sites and other data sites that house personal files.

A worm’s sole purpose is to duplicate itself to the point of clogging your storage, which is not only dangerous but downright annoying. They are not harmless, but fall on the lower end of the spectrum for incriminating viruses.

True to the tale, Trojan viruses can be difficult to spot due to their deceptive qualities. These sites may look trustworthy, but actually carry dangerous components that consumers might not catch.

How to Eliminate Threatening Viruses
As always, one of the best outlets for protection is PSafe Total and our security products. Advanced Protection will safeguard your personal files and storage, and perform scans to detect any potential threats from third party installs. Don’t forget to perform a Full AV (Anti-Virus) Scan on your mobile device if you suspect that it is being compromised by a threatening virus. Stay safe out there!