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Why You Should Be Concerned About the Privacy of Your Phone

Are you aware of and worried about the security risks presented by your apps and cloud storage system? You should be. Read on to find out why.

Maintaining your phone’s privacy can be extremely challenging. Your phone faces countless threats, such as hacks of the data in your cloud, GPS tracking, and invasive privacy settings on app. The good news is, there are steps you can take to insure the privacy of your valuable data.

Here are some of the biggest privacy threats your phone faces and some steps to keep your information secure.

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Cloud Data Storage

You try to be responsible with your data. You diligently back it up in your wireless cloud, so it will be safe in the event that your phone becomes damaged. But did you realize you may be putting your privacy at risk if you’re not careful? Hackers often target information stored in your cloud and can access financial and personal information if your cloud is breached.

Additionally, in the unfortunate event that law enforcement asks to seize your data, the information you have stored in the cloud can be turned over without your permission.

So while there may be some benefits to backing up your information with the cloud, doing so may actually leave your data vulnerable.

If you don’t want to rely on the cloud to store your information, you should consider using PSafe Total. The Memory Booster improves your Android device’s memory and storage capabilities. Let PSafe Total make the most of your phone’s storage space and speed up your device by letting you decide exactly what data your phone needs to save. By using your phone’s memory more efficiently, you might not need to use the cloud to store excess data.

The Apps on Your Phone

You may be aware of the privacy risks involved with social media sharing. But the apps on your phone may be posing an even deeper threat to your privacy than you realize. Many apps you have on your phone, even ones you rarely use, may be tracking your every move. Apps often use GPS tracking to access your location at all times.

If this feels like an invasion of your privacy, you should consider changing the privacy settings for your apps. To do this, go to to “Setting” and then “Apps,” and adjust the privacy settings as you wish. Alternatively, you can hover over an app whose privacy settings you wish to change and press the “edit” icon.