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How to Cool Your Device with DFNDR’s CPU Cooler

Is your device frequently overheating? Learn how you can maintain its proper temperature.

DFNDR’s CPU Cooler is a feature that quickly cools your device whenever your device is overheating. This happens when your device is trying to complete too many different tasks at once. The CPU Cooler will scan your device for the apps that are causing your device to overheat, and disable those apps. This will help your device to run more efficiently at an optimal temperature. This will speed up your device overall and eliminate lag time with the apps that you do want to use. Click here to cool your device down right now:

How to Use the CPU Cooler

There are two different ways that you can access this feature. You can click on the button above or open the DFNDR app, then click “Tools,” followed by “CPU Cooler.” Both options will run the CPU Cooler to quickly reduce your phone’s temperature.

Once launched, a screen will appear that shows the CPU Cooler’s progress on cooling your device, in addition to the apps that are causing your CPU to overheat. In order to cool your device, this feature will disable those apps that are using too much power. At the end of this process, your device will be back to normal.

Why the CPU Cooler is Important

Whenever you use the CPU Cooler to cool your device, you’ll improve your device’s performance all around — you’ll no longer experience lagging, buggy behavior, or crashing. This will improve your experience with the apps that you want to use, such as games, social networking apps, or video streaming apps.

This feature is important to take advantage of because overheating can damage your device and your device’s battery. A damaged device will not operate as it’s meant to, nor will it last as long as it should. If you activate the CPU Cooler whenever your device overheats, you’ll not only improve your phone’s performance, but you’ll make your phone last longer, too.

However, don’t forget to pay attention to why your device is overheating. The CPU Cooler may help to cool an overworked device, but you also want to prevent this issue from happening, too. Use PowerPRO to figure out which apps use the most power, and see if there’s a way that you can do without certain apps on your device. If you can’t do without certain apps, simply make sure that they’re only active when you need to use them.