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Are Customized Operating Systems for Android Safe?

You want your smartphone to be customized according to your needs. Unfortunately, a customized operating system can threaten the security of your phone.

While there might be some appealing reasons for installing a customized operating system onto your Android (such as removing manufacturer bloatware), doing so might not be the best option if you’re worried about your phone’s security. Fortunately, with the release of Nougat, Android’s newest operating system, more customization options are now available for your phone. For some, this may eliminate the need for a rooted, customized operating system altogether. When it comes to the security of your personal information, you should never be too careful.

Be Cautious of Customized Operating Systems

As with downloading any other program, there’s always the risk that you might be downloading and installing a virus, instead of the program, onto your device. If you do want to download a customized operating system, be sure to do some research so that you download one from a reputable, verifiable source. Similarly to downloading apps from the Play store, pay attention to reviews. If a customized operating system has few reviews, or the reviews seem somehow “false,” it might be better to look elsewhere. There’s always the risk that a customized operating system might have spyware or a backdoor that will jeopardize the safety of your device — and your personal information.

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The Issue with Software Updates

If you use a customized operating system, you’ll no longer receive crucial (automatic) software updates for your phone, such as bug fixes and security patches. This is because your manufacturer doesn’t support your customized operating system. In addition, you might run into other problems with a customized operating system, such as compatibility issues with the phone itself, apps, and other programs. It may take a lot longer to receive updates or security patches, or you may never receive updates at all.

Protect Your Phone with PSafe

If you’re worried about the safety of your device and your personal information, it’s best to continue using the operating system that came with your device, despite any annoyances. This way, you’ll be sure to receive software and security updates that will protect your device. Nonetheless, you should always be aware of any program or app you download to your smartphone so that you don’t risk the safety of your phone. Still, whether you’re using Nougat or an older Android operating system, or even a customized operating system, you should protect your device with antivirus software. Download PSafe Total for your Android to protect your device against security threats 24/7.