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Why Are Dangerous Cybercrimes Going Unpunished?

Because cybercrimes are remote, it’s hard for countries to prosecute the criminals in real life. That’s why cybercriminals launch sophisticated attacks.

While some cybercriminals are getting the crackdown, there are many, many more who aren’t facing prosecution. The main reason cybercrime is so hard to penalize is because it so often happens internationally. This means that criminals might be in one country, while their victims are others.

Finding the police jurisdiction for the cybercrime is the major reason why cybercriminals so often walk free. Does this make you wonder what’s so hard about setting up an international police unit that cracks down on cybercrime? Here are just a few of the steps required to crack down on cybercriminals.

1. Create an operation base.

To crack down on a cybercrime ring, law enforcement needs to get as many agencies together as necessary. That means that multiple agencies in many different countries might get involved with the crackdown. With so many agencies coordinating, law enforcement needs to find a single coordination center to create and communicate a plan of action.

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2. Exchange information internationally.

Each agency within the joined forces needs to be able to share information with every other agency. That means that they need to create a system that lets them exchange information and create protocols that ensure that each agency receives the same data.

3. Send out the ground forces.

While crimes take place online, criminals live in the real world. In addition to the coordinated headquarters, law enforcement needs to send out police in the countries where the crimes have been taking place. These on-the-ground officers ensure the agencies find more information on the hackers.

4. Find the bad guys.

Once they have a case against the cybercriminals, law enforcement needs to track them down in the real world. Just like with any other criminal, it’s now time for these agencies to knock on — and perhaps knock down — some doors.

As hard as it is to bust crime in the real world, it’s even harder to bust crime in the virtual world. That’s why you need to take measures to keep yourself safe. The best way to keep your information safe from cybercriminals isn’t to wait for the law to catch up. Instead, you need to protect yourself now.

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