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Desktop Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life for the Better

Desktop Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life for the Better

Not all issues can be resolved by creative uses of binder holders or toilet rolls. Take things to the next level with these helpful life hacks for your desktop.

For those who have never known a desk life outside of constant clutter, life hacks like using binder clips or toilet rolls as tools for organization can make a world of a difference. Despite the creativity level of these hacks, they unfortunately don’t solve everyday desktop issues like slow Internet speed and frozen screens. PSafe has a multitude of resourceful features that can make desktop life as smooth as it was always meant to be. These life hacks are even easier than making a box of toilet rolls filled with wires.

The Best Way to Boost The Internet
Slow Internet speed is as painful to experience as watching paint dry on the wall. Luckily, with PSafe Total’s Internet Booster, you can get faster Internet with a click of a button. It shuts down any applications running in the background of your device that are slowing your roll. Now you can happily go back to binge-watching YouTube videos without any lag time.

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The Easiest Way to Clear Your Junk
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be exclusive to your home — or spring, for that matter. Over time, unnecessary files build up in your desktop, information stored into your computer from websites takes up space, and plenty of applications are left open, causing significant slowness in your device. With PSafe’s Quick Cleanup, all of this can be wiped clean in a matter of minutes. This will be probably your only favorite chore.

The Wifi Check You Didn’t Know You Needed
Sometimes finding a spot with good Wi-Fi can feel like finding a unicorn. For those days when you want to work at a cafe, you need to make sure that you’ve got the speediest and most secure Wi-Fi situation available. PSafe’s Wi-Fi Check system reviews the speed and network security of any Wi-Fi network you want to look into. This will save you the time, the headache, and the coffee money that comes with a slow network.

The Surest Way to Increase Space
Clearing out files for the sake of increasing storage space can take ages, and frankly, who has the time to go through everything they’ve got stored onto their computer? It would be wonderful to hire someone to go through the files for you — but without having to actually hire anyone. PSafe’s Memory Booster is the next best thing, and better. It optimizes your data and helps you decide what can be done to create more storage space and enhance the speed of your device. Who needs to hire anyone when you’ve got PSafe features ready to go?