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Developers Are Creating Wireless Charging Rooms

This is technology straight from your favorite sci-fi movie: you soon might be able to charge your phone in a room without plugging your device in.

We use more and more new technology on a daily basis, and it continues to be indispensable to our lives. We may inherently trust the tech that we use, so much so that we may neglect to care for it properly. Maybe we leave our devices plugged in all the time, or overnight — not a big deal, right? Unfortunately, overcharging occurs whenever a phone charges past 100%. This can damage a phone’s battery and lead the phone to overheat. Overheating further damages a phone’s battery, and in some cases, it can cause a phone to spark or catch fire if the device is on a soft, unventilated surface.

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As we continue to trust technology, we tend to use it more, and a wide variety of it. We’re more willing to try out new technologies, such as a jacket that can charge a smartphone in its pocket, or even a wireless charging room. The latter is still in development, but it certainly feels like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Wireless Charging Rooms

Disney Research developers have created a wireless charging room that can charge any device in the room without cords or charging pads. They accomplished this feat by creating a room that is electrically charged. The walls, floor, and ceiling all produce a magnetic field that can wirelessly charge electronic devices. The developers can safely transmit up to 1.9 kilowatts of power into a 256 sq ft room — that’s enough power to charge over 300 smartphones.

Although this is just a test room, in theory, rooms of any size could be created. The technology could be used to power a warehouse, a garage for an electric car, or an office — that way, you never have to worry about a device losing power, or dropped productivity because a device needs to be charged. Developers also said that they could use this technology in a small box as well, to charge various gadgets at once.