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The Differences: Google Play vs. Apple’s App Store

Learn about why you may want to choose one over the other.

Apple’s app store appeared long before the Google Play Store. Although it wasn’t the first app store of its kind, it was a majorly successful store that ushered us into the age of the smartphone. However, the Google Play Store has caught up to Apple and is now its main competitor. The following are some of the key differences between the two app stores.

More malicious apps might be in the Play Store.

Although malicious apps get published in the Apple store, there are far more reports about malicious apps in the Play Store. This is usually because the screening process for apps is far shorter for the Play Store, in addition to the freedom that the Android operating system allows by default.

Google can usually remove these apps fairly quickly, but unfortunately, they’ve still had time to do a lot of damage. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you run a full virus scan on your device after you download a new app, to make sure that malicious software isn’t hidden in the app. Click here to run a full virus scan on your device now:

Security Scan
 The Play Store has more variety.

Since you have an Android device, variety and customization are probably important features to you. There’s more freedom with the Android operating system, which means that there’s a greater variety of apps available in the Play Store. There are apps that you can download from the Play Store that completely change the look of your device, and how you experience it. With the Apple store, these types of apps that allow you to fully customize your device simply don’t exist.

If you want to release your app, do so first on Google Play.

It’s no secret that the Google Play Store is a better place for new app developers than Apple’s app store. First of all, publishing an Android app through the Play Store is a much simpler process than publishing an iOS app through Apple’s app store. That means that it also takes a lot less time to get your app out into the world. For the Play Store, it could take as little as 24 hours to get your app on the site, but for the Apple store, it might take about a week at minimum. You also may get more immediate downloads of your app in the Play Store than in the Apple store.

However, the Apple store is known for generally having higher quality apps than the Play Store. This is largely due to Apple’s careful process of evaluating an app. This also means that there are fewer apps available in the Apple store than in the Play Store.