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The Different Reasons Behind Phone Theft

Find out the motives, and the preventative steps you can take to keep your phone in your possession.

Smartphones get stolen every day — they’re a hot item. Whether they’re stolen by pickpocketing, or grabbing it when someone isn’t looking, these phone thefts can cause a lot of stress. At first, the reasoning behind phone theft sounds rather odd: why would someone steal a phone if you’re just going to discontinue the service after it has been taken? Well, there are a few motives behind the theft of a cellular device.

However, if you enable the anti-theft feature before your phone is stolen, you’ll be able to track, block, locate user device, and even erase all of your data remotely in case of loss or theft. With just the push of a button, all confidential material will be eradicated from your phone, and you will no longer be vulnerable to data infiltration. Click here to enable the anti-theft feature on your device now:

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Stealing Your Data

Losing your phone can be especially catastrophic if you have confidential material stored in it. As a result, it is imperative that you store all of your precious information in a cloud service, and back up your phone regularly. You should be prepared to erase all data on your phone if you know your phone has been stolen.

The Parts are Valuable

Thieves love smartphones that don’t have cracks in them. A solid, clear, scratch-less phone screen can go on the black market for a solid amount of money. There are also removable SIM cards that can be sold as well, besides other parts. The phone itself can also be reset to its factory settings and then sold, all for a fraction of the original retail price, while the thief still makes a hefty profit.

The Various Functions of the Phone

There are several applications and functions on a cellular device — you don’t necessarily need texting or mobile service to perform many of the useful tools that come with the cell phone. For instance, your device can serve as a calendar, alarm clock, and many others. Plus, there are endless games that can be played on a smartphone, so a thief will have no shortage of fun if they get their hands on your device.