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The Digital Traveler: Capture More Memories

To make sure you remember your favorite travel moments in clear detail, follow our favorite tips for taking great photos on the go!

Taking great pictures when we go on vacation has become as much a part of traveling as the actual traveling. Capturing our favorite memories in pictures is nothing new, but the way we do it has changed. Here are some tips for creating epic images, whether you want to keep them to yourself or share them with the world. Before you begin your photo journey, be sure to activate DFNDR’s Duplicate Photos feature. This way, if you end up with duplicates of any photos, you’ll be able to quickly identify and delete them, freeing up more space to take more pics.

Shoot for Variety

This is especially good advice if you are keeping a blog or updating your Instagram as you go. Your followers don’t want to see the same selfie in 40 different locations. They want to see something new and interesting every time they visit. You’ll also have more fun looking back at your adventures if your pictures tell a cool story. Think outside the box and take pictures from unique angles and in different weather conditions. Mix it up with memorable meals, picturesque sunsets — and yes, even the occasional selfie. Try to find something unusual or less common to photograph in each place you visit.

Learn Some Pro Tips

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get amazing travel shots — just follow some basic guidelines.

  • Lighting matters. Generally, the best lighting you’ll ever get is around sunrise and sunset, when everything takes on a warm glow that makes otherwise average shots look incredible.
  • Cropping is key. Knowing where to place the frame around any image is the difference that can turn an ordinary photograph into art.
  • Take a lot of pictures. One of the best things about the age of digital photography is that we can take zillions of pictures and only keep the best ones. Delete the bad ones as you go, so they don’t clog up your phone’s storage space. Duplicate Photos will ensure your phone automatically deletes any duplicates to save you time and space.

The Best Apps for Editing and Sharing Your Photos

Now that you’ve got some pro tips for how to improve your travel photos, it’s time to edit them, add filters, and share them with your friends.

  • Edit and add filters. Before sharing your photos, you’ll want to edit them and apply filters to make your photos look professional. Some of the best, free photo editing apps include VSCO, Snapseed, and Preview.
  • Share your photos. The most popular apps for sharing travel photos include Snapchat, Instagram, and Trover. Use Snapchat for fun, silly moments to share with friends, and Instagram and Trover for sharing your most amazing travel shots.

Make Sure Your Device Is Travel Ready

First, your device should be equipped with a decent camera. Make sure you’ve got your Insta, Facebook, and other mobile apps downloaded before you hit the road (where downloading things can cost you a small fortune depending on your data plan).

  • Protect Your Privacy. If your phone gets stolen while you’re out traveling, make sure you use Anti-Theft so you can remotely track or erase sensitive data from a stolen or lost phone. Additionally, Private Gallery lets you curate which photos you want to show up in your Android’s photo album.
  • Stay Up to Speed. In order for your phone to perform when on the go (and store all those photos!), you need to get rid of the junk taking up valuable space. Click below to clean up the junk: