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Does Facebook Messenger Slow Your Phone Down?

It’s no secret that the Facebook app is one of the worst apps you can download on your device. But how does Facebook Messenger compare?

If you have the Facebook app, you’ve likely also downloaded Messenger. In fact, it’s almost impossible to even access your Facebook messages without downloading the additional messenger app, unless you resort to only looking at them on your computer. When it comes to easily getting in contact with people, there’s one mobile app that reigns supreme — even more so than your standard SMS text messaging program — and that’s Facebook Messenger. But Messenger can quickly bloat with files. Cut down those videos or photos by using dfndr security’s facebook messenger cleaner to free up space now:

This dfndr security feature will remove all of the GIFs, photos, and audio files that have built up over time, causing your Messenger app to swell and slow down your phone. By removing these files, you’ll experience better performance on your phone and on the app itself.

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As long as you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, Messenger is probably the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with another person digitally — and the most fun, considering all of it’s new features. All-in-all, Messenger is not a bad app to have, but it’s also well-known for taking up a lot of your phone’s memory. Since it’s one of the larger apps you can download, can — and will — it slow down your phone’s performance?

Picture this: you have an emergency situation and the signal in the area you’re in isn’t great. However, if you have access to Wi-Fi or can, at the very least, turn the Wi-Fi off and still access the Internet, Facebook Messenger is your best option for reaching an important contact. Unfortunately, the very thing that can help you reach the help you need is also slowing your phone down to a crawl.

Sure, that may be an extreme situation, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s important to know how a big file app like Facebook Messenger can affect your phone’s abilities. It is very possible that, due to the large size of the Facebook Messenger app, it can slow down your phone, especially while sending messages in-app. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to delete your Facebook Messenger.