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How to Download Apps Completely Worry-Free

Even if they look harmless, there are lots of apps available that can be harmful to your Android. Here are five surefire ways to protect your device.

There are hundreds of ways a malicious app can make itself look like something you’d want to download. They often mimic the design and language of popular apps, and apps in general can be tricky — and misleading. Factors like third-party download sites can make common apps harmful. Below are five ways to make sure the apps you’re downloading won’t give you any problems.

  1. Never click on a suspicious-looking download button

These download buttons can sometimes be pop-ups found on malicious websites, but you’re most likely to run into trouble if they pop up on a website from which you’re already trying to download an app. If you’re on a page with multiple download buttons, navigate off that page so that you don’t click the wrong one. In the best case scenario, clicking on one of these will result in your downloading a poorly-made app that wasn’t one you intended to download. In the worst case, you’ll download malware.

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  1. Only download trusted apps from trusted sources

PSafe’s digital security experts have compiled a list of trusted apps in the Total Apps feature of DFNDR. Search through apps that have already received a seal of approval from PSafe before downloading any apps. This way, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally downloading a virus with a less-than-secure app.

  1. Run a virus scan

Even if you don’t suspect that your app has downloaded malware onto your phone, it’s always a good idea to run a virus scan after downloading any new apps. DFNDR’s scan goes through all of your files — including those on your SD card — to ensure that nothing malicious has been accidentally downloaded onto your phone.

Security Scan

  1. Don’t ever use third-party app stores

Third-party app stores — download sites that aren’t affiliated with a developer — are rarely secure. If you’re looking for an app that’s not available in the Play store, it’s best to download that app directly from the developer’s website, even if you have to pay. Third-party download sites are often infested with malware, and fill their pages with misleading, fake download buttons. Developers’ websites are a sure-fire way to get the app you want and the version you’re looking for.  But whenever possible, stick to the Play store.