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Easy Ways to Avoid the $1000 Vacation Mobile Phone Bill

Traveling abroad is expensive enough, even without an outrageous vacation cell phone bill. Here are some simple ways to avoid that added expense.

Whether you’re vacationing abroad or on a cruise ship this summer, you can easily and unknowingly rack up your cell phone bill very quickly. Many fees occur without ever making a call. Apps are constantly running in the background of your phone, using up data and draining your phone’s battery. If you want to use your phone abroad, make sure to get a plan with your carrier before you leave, and take advantage of powerpro to save battery life and reduce your data usage:


If you don’t have an international plan, even turning your phone on once while abroad can rack up roaming fees as calls and texts come in. Roaming is when your phone uses data while you’re outside your carrier’s covered area — such as when traveling internationally. Educate yourself below so you can avoid the $1000 (or more) vacation cell phone bill.

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  1. Block Apps’ Data Usage to Stop Background Updates

In addition to using PowerPro, go into your phone’s settings to limit which apps run even when they’re closed. This will save your data and limit roaming fees when traveling abroad.

  1. Get a New Sim Card Before You Leave

With a local or international sim card, you’ll get charged as the locals do. You can purchase these cards online for around $40 plus usage fees. This option means that you’ll have a different phone number when abroad.

  1. Talk to Your Carrier About International Packages

Keep your same phone number by purchasing an international package. Each carrier approaches them differently, but most are reasonably priced when compared to the fees you’d rack up from data roaming. The data is usually slower, but you can speed it up for a fee. Some even let you use your domestic plan’s monthly data, text, and call allowance abroad for a daily or monthly fee. Many carriers even offer specific plans for cruise ships. Always read the fine print to know what your package covers.

  1. Say Hello to Airplane Mode

Turning your phone to airplane mode ensures data roaming and cellular data is off. Go to your phone’s settings or swipe down menu and click on the airplane icon. Once enabled, your data and Wi-Fi will automatically turn off. Easily turn Wi-Fi back on to enjoy Internet access without fear of roaming charges.

  1. Switch to an Alternative Messaging App

If you give up data altogether or are limited, use a messaging app to stay in touch. WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger, and Skype all let you make calls and send photos and texts over Wi-Fi. Let your friends and family know before you travel so that they can download the app of your choice.