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Emily Ratajkowski the Latest Victim of iCloud Photo Hack

The latest celebrity to fall prey to photo-hacking is supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. Her private photos were stolen from her iCloud and leaked to the public.

It seems like nearly every month another celebrity has her private photos leaked to the public. Not long ago it was Game of Thrones star Maisie William’s personal photos. Now, it’s supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. The supermodel had private photos from her personal iCloud account leaked recently. Her account was hacked, the photos were stolen, and the images were then shared with the public. How did the hack happen, why are celebrities so often have their privacy violated in this way, and how you can protect your own photos?

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Why Was Emily Ratajkowski a Target?

Emily Ratajkowski is an American supermodel who became famous after appearing in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. Hackers targeted Ratajkowski’s iCloud account, stealing around 200 of her private photos. The photos show the model scantily clad, in addition to photos from a number of different photo shoots.

Several celebrities, including Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Helen Wood, revealed the hack after she was sent the supermodel’s private photos. The photo’s sender asked Wood to include the photos in her Daily Star column. Ratajkowski didn’t hear about the hacking until she landed in Los Angeles after a flight.

Photo-Hacking is Incredibly Common, Especially for Celebrities

In 2015, hackers targeted the iCloud accounts of many Hollywood stars, leaking their private photos and videos. The event — which is called the “Fappening” by users of the image-sharing site 4Chan — made many Hollywood stars nervous about the privacy of their photos and various accounts. Jennifer Lawrence was famously involved in this wide-scale photo hack.

The hacker that orchestrated that event was caught and sentenced, but that didn’t stop new hackers from targeting Ratajkowski’s private account. Ratajkowski’s agent says that the photos leaked were those retrieved during 2015’s hack, however. While celebrities are large targets, it’s wise to remember that even people who aren’t famous can be targets.