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How to Ensure That You Remain Anonymous Online

Hackers are unlikely to access to your information if you remain anonymous online. If you want to minimize your online presence, try these five tips.

If you have a deep online footprint, it’s simple for hackers to find and use information online. While you already know how to use technology to keep your family safe, do you know how to keep yourself protected online? One way is to lessen your online footprint — by staying anonymous as much as possible. Here are five ways to do just that.

Get rid of plug-ins
Plug-ins often leave trails of the sites you’ve used or purchases you’ve made. Specifically, they reveal your location and identity. If you want to browse anonymously, plug-ins should be some of the first things that go.

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Forgo paying online with credit cards
Credit cards used in online shopping give away your information right away. PayPal, too, keeps records of you that can be tracked by hackers. The only way to remain truly anonymous while buying online is with an e-currency like bitcoin or the like. Since bitcoin isn’t used very often, though, your best bet might be forgoing online shopping entirely.

Create “burner” accounts
Burner accounts are accounts that all have different passwords and passcodes. Rather than keeping a single password that can let a hacker who gets some of your information get all of it, you should change your password for each login you create. Further, you should make sure you’re changing your passwords often.

Browse the Internet anonymously
The best way to browse anonymously is by connecting to different wireless connections, rarely visiting the same connection twice. You can also download a proxy server that doesn’t reveal your real location or IP address. A good proxy server is called ProxyGambit, which scrambles your location and IP address so you’re not traceable.

Only use certain websites
Only use websites that start with HTTP or HTTPS. These websites are anonymous, but others without these letters show your identity and location. Further, you want to make sure you’re only browsing — and definitely only buying from — websites with identity certificates.
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