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Everything You Need to Know About Tasker

Find out what exactly Tasker is, and how to use it on your device

There are so many ways that you can improve your experience with your Android device. You can customize almost every aspect of your device in order to suit your needs, whether you want to change the font or design of your device, or how your device functions day to day. This is where Tasker comes in: it’s an app that let’s you — you guessed it — control tasks.

What Exactly is Tasker?

Tasker is an app that allows you to automate certain tasks on your device. It offers total automation capabilities, which means that you can automate any aspect of your phone. The app has a minimal and intuitive design, which makes the app easier to use for users at different experience levels. It is available for $2.99 in the Play store.

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How to Use Tasker

Before you begin using Tasker, you’ll want a basic understanding of the various terms used in the app. This app focuses on the “actions” that need to happen in order to get your phone to a certain state. There are 200+ built-in actions. Some of these include media, alert, and display functions. A “task” then refers to a collection of actions. Thus, a task will be performed according to the actions that you command.

Further, you’ll need to set a task’s “context” in order to get the task to perform in the desired manner. Other terms you’ll need to know include: “profile” (a collection of contexts and tasks), a “variable” (this refers to “states” that will change over time), “scene” (a customized user interface), and “project” (a collection of profiles, variables, tasks, and scenes).

The first time you open the app, you’ll experience the app in a beginner’s version. You’ll see three tabs at the top of the page: Profiles, Tasks, and Scenes. You can switch to a more advanced mode in the app’s preferences. In Tasker’s preferences, you can also adjust other areas of the app, such as how the app displays itself.

You may use Tasker for different reasons. You may want to use it to send reminder text messages to someone after you go to sleep, for example. Or maybe you want to tell your device to disconnect from the Wi-Fi at a certain hour, or to close certain apps when your battery is low. Whatever your reason is for using an automation app, Tasker is the app to use for performing all of your needs.