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What to Expect from The New Android Messages

Android has recently rebranded their messaging system. Find out what has changed with the messaging system here, and what you can expect from it.

Android has recently replaced Google Messenger with Android Messages on all devices. We’ll go over what to expect now that this change is in effect. First, though, ensure the security of your Android Messages app. While communicating via text message or a messenger app is a great way to contact friends and family, it isn’t always secure. DFNDR’s Applock feature can help with this issue. It is an unbeatable application lock to protect your privacy. With this feature you can lock your Android Messages, Facebook, contacts, images, and other apps with a second password, even if the device itself is unlocked. You can easily select which apps you want to protect.

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So, if you were wondering where your Google Messenger application went — it’s gone. Android Messages has replaced Google Messenger as the default messaging application on Android smartphones. The following will examine some of the new features available with this Android Messages update.

Introducing: Android Messages

You shouldn’t notice too many substantive differences between the two applications. However, there are subtle nuances. For example, you will notice a wider array of emojis available in this new system. Don’t miss your Google Messenger too much, though, because Android Messages has implemented a variety of improvements that will make texting much easier. For instance, the picture and video sharing is much faster with this update.

Moreover, the search function has become much more navigable. You can now easily search through contacts and conversations to locate your desired conversation thread more quickly. Additionally, the aesthetics of this application have made vast improvements. The colorful design will make your digital communications more enjoyable and fun.

You also have more security control with this update. You can block people you don’t want to hear from, and archive messages. Lastly, depending upon your data carrier, you may be able to send messages over your Wi-Fi or your data network, and have access to read receipts. This will enable you to see if your friends have viewed your message or not. This feature can be turned off, though, if you don’t want to come off as rude when avoiding someone.