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Express Your Individuality With Android Icon Packs

Tired of your smartphone looking, and working like everybody else’s? Make your device unique with Android’s icon packs

In an age when everyone seems to be using the same devices, it can be hard to make your device stand out—if you don’t have an Android phone. In fact, Android’s device and software creators place a strong focus on customization, whether it’s through the variety of wallpapers we get to choose from, or our ability to alter the fundamentals of how our devices work. One of the most fun ways to spice up an Android device is changing the app icons. With so many different icon packs to choose from, anyone can find a set that best fits them. To help you start, we’ve picked four stunning icon packs that instantly caught our attention:

1. Wood

For those of you who dream about forests, nature, and craftsmanship, or just love the look of a well-done wood carving, the Wood icon pack is a perfect match! There are over 1,900 HD icons available, and they can function with multiple launcher types. The pack even comes with calendars that take on the same aesthetic. It’s the most expensive icon pack on the list, costing $1.99, but it’s also the highest quality pack featured here.

2. Min

The name says it all…sort of. Min is an icon pack that places the utmost importance on clean, minimalist design, with every simplistic, grayscale icon staying within this theme. There are over 1,500 icons available in the pack, along with over 50 different wallpapers, and alternatives. It also includes routine updates, a special dashboard app, and the multi-launcher support of Nova, Apex, and Action.

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3. PixBit

For those of you who have caught the nostalgia bug, and long for the days of early video games, in all their pixelated glory, PixBit is a fantastic way to express that feeling. This app features 660+ icons, and is supported across ten different third-party launchers. It’s not exactly a time machine, but it’s the next best thing!

4. Fluxo

If you consider yourself the type of person who’s modern, and efficient, but with an animated side, Fluxo might be the icon pack you’re looking for. As far as features go, there are 2,200 HD icons available, 20 HD wallpapers (which are also compatible with Muzei Live Wallpapers), dynamic calendar support, and a custom analog clock widget. Add in the fact that this pack is supported on a mind-blowing 25 third-party launchers—what more could you ask for?

Express Yourself

Whether you choose from these icon packs, or look for one that fits your personality even better, we’re sure you’ll find a way to express yourself with Android. Want to learn more about Android’s unique features? Check out the PSafe blog to see how Android’s keyboard replacements can make your device even more unique!