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Is the Facebook App Draining Your Phone’s Battery?

Don't let this top social networking app suck your battery dry. There are many steps you can take to prevent power loss on your device.

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much our app usage affects our mobile device’s battery life. This is especially true in the case of social networking apps — the more time you spend on them, the more your life is wasted, both literally and figuratively. Social networking apps tend to kill battery life because they’re connected to the Internet and continuously update themselves. They run in the background of your phone and take up your phone’s memory, so that your phone doesn’t work efficiently.

Beyond smart app usage, knowing when to unplug your phone can also be a helpful service for an optimal battery life. Overcharging mobile devices is an actual problem because it can weaken the phone’s ability to power up and function for extended periods of time. Combined with open apps in the background, your device’s potential for full charging and functionality is lowered by these factors. 

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Various networks might be using more data and battery life than you think, and Facebook can be a major offender. As one of the leading social networks since its debut in 2004, Facebook’s rise in the mobile community has been both useful and revolutionary. Despite this success, it takes up an enormous amount of data. Luckily, there is a way to combat this popular issue. Keep in mind that Facebook requires a lot of memory to function, so close the app as frequently as possible for the best results.

Use PowerPro to Preserve Your Battery Life
Recognizing which apps are draining your battery life is an important step to conserving your phone’s power and getting the most usage possible of your device. Using PSafe’s PowerPro is an efficient way to execute that conservation, because it informs the user which apps are open and how much energy they require to run in the background. PowerPro will effectively close apps that are not in use, and tell you which ones are open in the background.