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Facebook Just Released A Set Of Brand New Emojis

As Facebook grows in popularity, the platform reveals new features. New emojis are the latest addition to the site to improve your experience.

Facebook continues to roll out new features to its website and its mobile apps at record speed. Although you may use Facebook apps more than their website, they have recently revealed new, more heavily-detailed emojis for their desktop and mobile websites. All of the emojis have been redesigned, and now feature skin tones and shading. Thousands of new emojis were added to the Facebook site. Some of these emojis include: a man in a tuxedo, a prince, a floating business man, “face palm,” and a pregnant woman.

It’s unclear if these new emojis will be added to the Facebook Messenger app. Both the website and the Messenger app have very different emojis in design and variety. For now, this a great option for those who dominantly use Facebook in a web browser. These new emojis are also easier for users to see — they should be able to more easily distinguish between various emojis in order to find the one that they’re looking for.

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New Emojis on Facebook Messenger
Facebook has also released new emoji features to Facebook Messenger. The app had previously released a new Snapchat-inspired Stories feature, in addition to encrypted messaging, among other features. Now, the Messenger app is releasing new emojis to help improve your experience with Facebook Messenger. Finally, there may now be the perfect emoji to express how you’re really feeling.

Through the Messenger app, you can now “react” to a person’s message similar to how you react to a Facebook post. You can send a “love” emoji, a “laughing” emoji, an “angry” emoji, a “sad” emoji, a “surprised” emoji, a thumbs up, or a thumbs down to react to a message. To access these emojis, you’ll need to press down on the particular message that you want to react to. Then, you’ll select which emoji you want to express how you feel. These emoji reactions will work on both group chat and single chat messaging.

You may have noticed that the list of emoji reactions includes a “thumbs down,” or a “dislike” option. Although Facebook has yet to include this option in the news feed emoji reactions, they have done so for Messenger since the app is often used for making plans. That way, users can easily respond with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to indicate that they can or can’t go (or agree or disagree with a plan).