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Facebook Rolls out Security Key for Safer Login

Find out how Facebook is utilizing a new feature to help minimize the number of security breaches.

All social media users fear the day that one of their social media accounts will get hacked. There is plenty of classified information on several users’ accounts, so it can be nightmarish if anyone wakes up to a hacked account. That’s why users should make sure that all of their accounts are as secure as possible.

In addition to creating strong passwords for all of your accounts, it’s important to protect your social networking apps with a second password on your device. That way, if your phone becomes lost or stolen, no one will gain access to your private information. You can do this by utilizing DFNDR’s App Lock feature to lock your apps. Click here to lock your Facebook app and other social networking apps with a password:

Facebook Increases Users’ Security

Facebook has recently taken steps to help increase user security on their website.

This new “security key” feature makes it so hackers have no way of accessing your account, even if they have access to your username and password.

The original security key offers a two-step authentication process. The first is the typical username and password. If the user gets this correct, then a message is texted with a digitized code to the user’s phone to authenticate the login. Once the user enters the code into their website, they are safe to log in.

This security key has been used for several other websites, especially for banking sites. For example, if you log in to your banking account in a foreign location, you can almost guarantee that you will be texted a code to help ensure that you are not a hacker. This is an easy step that firms can take to help minimize the amount of hackings that occur on their websites.

However, this security methodology is not a silver bullet to hacking. Specifically, hackers can change the phone settings on the website to redirect the code to their phone. Moreover, if someone has access to your phone and your login credentials, then this security key will be useless.

Facebook offers this original two-step process, but they now have a more innovative way to approach this to help circumvent this issue. There is an additional security key feature that can generate one code with the click of a button, adding an extra layer of security for the user. This helps avoid the issue of having a code sent to a phone that could be stolen.