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Do Yourself a Favor: Turn off Your Cell from Time to Time

You might be making mistakes that hurt your phone’s battery life — and you might not even know it. Find out these common errors we all make.

Many of us make this mistake: we leave our phones on all day to use them and then all night to charge them. But did you know that never turning off your phone can damage the battery? Leaving your phone plugged in all night can further damage your phone’s battery, because it can lead to overcharging, which can cause your device to overheat. Use Total Charge feature to monitor your phone’s charging process so you can protect your battery:

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Total Charge gives you information about your phone’s battery as it charges. It figures out how long it takes your phone to charge, and then tells you exactly when to disconnect your phone to prevent overcharging. Overcharging and overheating can quickly damage your phone’s battery and shorten its lifespan. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your battery remains in good health.

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Why Do You need to Turn Off Your Phone?

Experts suggest that turning your phone off can help preserve your battery for longer. But don’t bother turning off your phone if it will only be off for a short period of time. The battery-boosting benefits of powering off only take effect if you power off for a few hours or more. If you have your phone plugged into a wall outlet when it is off, you also won’t get any of the benefits.

However, if you’re out of network range or if you are planning on going to sleep without charging your phone, go ahead and turn off the phone. When off, your phone won’t lose power. This will really help to extend your battery’s life. Remember, the average Android only has 300 to 500 full charges before it starts to malfunction — or die altogether — so if you can eliminate needing to re-charge by powering your phone off, why not do it?

What Are Some of the Side Benefits of Powering Off?

Turning off your phone doesn’t just benefit the battery. You’ll also gain focus for work. For example, experts say that the human mind isn’t adept at multitasking — that belief was a pesky myth. You may think that your mind likes the stimulation of switching between many activities — like constantly checking that phone — but really, that click-around behavior isn’t helping you be efficient. To be more productive, power off for a while.