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Are You Fictionalizing Your Past to Thwart Hackers?

Many people struggle with creating passwords because they want their passwords to be so difficult that hackers won't be able to guess them.

A new trend is shaping the way that people create and protect their online accounts. It has people create passwords based on alter egos so that hackers won’t be able to figure them out based on their personal information. If you want to further ensure that your personal information is kept safe from hackers, use dfndr security’s  anti-hacking feature.

anti-hacking will protect your device against phishing attempts, and it will identify and block any malicious websites or pop-ups. Another benefit of anti-hacking is that if you try to access a potentially dangerous website, this tool will block the site and warn you of its dangerous intentions so that your personal information is never at risk. When it comes to fictionalizing your past to thwart hackers, read further to see how effective this is.

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How Hackers Guess Your Passwords
Often, hackers will look for some key information on you and your past history, and they will be able to combine that information to come up with your password. Many people combine elements of their history to create a password, which may seem tricky, but it is actually easy for a hacker to guess. Since social media is very easy to hack, a hacker can easily have access to all of your personal information on your background and family. One example of this is that a hacker may go to your Facebook account and find your birth year and your mom’s maiden name. By combining this information, the hacker may be able to guess your password.

Create an Alter Ego and Keep Your Private Data Safe
One of the best news ways to prevent hackers from guessing your password is to create an alter ego. Maybe this alter ego was born in a different place than you and has a different last name and birthday. By creating a password or login information based on this alter ego, hackers cannot simply guess the password by analyzing your social media accounts. Your password would only be available to you since you’re the only one who knows about this alter ego. As silly as this may sound, it can be a great way to keep your personal information safe from hackers and malware. An alter ego with a different history will be sure to keep hackers from obtaining your private data.