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Five Benefits of Disabling Cookies on Your Android

Cookies may sound delicious, but when it comes to our beloved electronic devices, they aren't always as great as they may sound.

While many cookies on the Internet can be fairly innocent, there’s also the possibility of running into some malicious cookies. That’s why you should be cautious about which sites you visit, and what sort of permissions you give them. But there are other ways you can stay protected, too. Let dfndr security help protect you with the power of anti-hacking. This feature will protect you from fake websites that prey on your login information and other personal information. It will protect you from password theft and many other online dangers, such as phishing attempts and malicious websites.

Privacy Concerns
Sure, cookies can improve your experience while browsing websites, but website disclosures aren’t always very clear when they give that statement. Their definition of improving your browsing experience may be quite different from yours. Websites like you to leave cookies enabled because they can track you, display more relevant ads (brought to you by tracking), and follow you.

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Safety: You May Be More at Risk Than You Realize
The information above is accurate, but that was with trustworthy places like Amazon or Google in mind. Imagine the same kind of power but in more malicious hands. That’s right, there are plenty of malicious websites out there that prey off your information. Cookies can potentially be a dangerous first step that will allow hackers to gain access to your personal data.

Your Data is Hiding Within Cookies
There’s a lot of data hiding within cookies and there are people out there who can retrieve the data and utilize it to do you harm. They could pull saved passwords and other precious information and use it against you to access anything you can imagine.

Transient Cookies Stay on Your Devices
From your computer to your smartphone, transient cookies are stored temporarily on your device in order to function properly. They’re supposed to be deleted when you close your browsing session, but in the wrong hands, they could potentially do harm on your device while they’re on there, or perhaps not even leave your device.

Preferences, Logins, and Other Information Are Being Stored
Maybe you like not having to log in to websites or worry about settings, but your data is being stored and analyzed by all corners of the Internet. It’s best not to leave your preferences available and vulnerable to the dark corners of the Internet for a slight bit of convenience.