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Follow These Steps to Netflix and Chill on Android

There are many ways that you can Netflix and chill on your Android, or by using your Android as a companion to your TV. Learn how to now.

You can Netflix and chill pretty much anywhere, as long as you have a device that supports the Netflix app. If you’re tired of watching Netflix on your TV or computer, why not try using it on your Android device? You can download the app for free from the Google Play store for your Android tablet or smartphone. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection, Netflix is often one of the best video-streaming apps you can use on your device. Use DFNDR’s Wi-Fi check to make sure that your Wi-Fi is working at the speed it should be, so that you can watch shows or movies without buffering. Click here to check your Wi-Fi speed:

Test your connection
How to Prepare for Netflix and Chill

The only time you should really Netflix and chill in public is if you’re traveling. If you decide to do this, then make sure you’re connected to a safe Wi-Fi network or else have unlimited data to use on your phone. Otherwise, you’ll quickly rack up a large phone bill. If you watch Netflix in public, make sure to bring headphones.

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You’ll probably stick to watching Netflix in your home or a friend’s home. Watching Netflix on Android can be exciting because you are not restricted to a certain spot. You can watch Netflix while walking around, in bed under a blanket, or while making popcorn.

Use a Social App to Improve Your Netflix Experience

Maybe you like to Netflix and chill with friends, or else solo. If you want to mix up how you watch, why not try the Mimitate app? This app is available for free from the Play store, and it’s a social app that allows you to connect to other Netflix users. You can use it as a Netflix “dating” app, or as a way to bond with others who like the same shows as you. In this app, a woman starts the conversation so that women do not receive unwanted communication.

Both men and women who use the app are encouraged to make off-the-wall or amusing facial expressions. A man will take a selfie and then write text about what show he’s watching, and ask if anyone wants to watch the show with him, or what others think about the show. Then, if a woman is interested, she will respond by mimicking the man’s selfie expression. If the man is interested in the woman, he can then chat to make plans for watching their favorite show together — now that’s a new way to Netflix, chill, and date.