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Four Calendar Apps to Replace Your Planner

No matter what you do for a living, you probably have things to keep track off. These Android scheduling apps can help with that.

Whether you’re a student in college or a longtime professional, there’s no denying that you’ve much to keep track of throughout the course of your day. Meetings, deadlines, dates, and your daily responsibilities can all be a bit overwhelming to keep track of. Organization tools can help you manage everything on your to-do list, but even planners are only reliable when you regularly get into the habit of updating your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Fortunately, for those of us that need a little help to keep on top of things, there are calendar apps that make your schedule manageable and always at your fingertips. Depending on your lifestyle, these are some of the best such apps.

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One of the highest-rated calendar apps on the Google Play store and touted as “a near perfect calendar,” aCalendar is a highly comprehensive, highly customizable organization tool. An intuitive UI makes navigating the app smooth and easy, as you transition between day, week and month displays. Recurring obligations can be set to recurring reminders, notable dates from your contacts can be set to sync with aCalendar, and the app can even make notes of events through QR barcode scans. Other cool features include a lunar calendar for your location on Earth, synchronized dates and reminders from Google Calendar, and graphical overviews of tasks, organized by weeks and months. Best of all, this tool can be yours for free.

While we admit that this app feels like it was originally released for the iPhone in 2007, with its outdated sheen and layout, there’s no denying CalenGoo’s utility as a time and task management tool. It can sync with Google Calendar and other productivity apps to record past and present dates and appointments, support a wide selection of widgets to organize your tasks with, share events with colleagues and friends, and even set SMS or text reminders to your phone number or email for particularly important occasions. While it doesn’t break new ground in terms of features, CalenGoo absolutely nails the functions it performs, and is perfect for those of us with particularly busy schedules to attend to. This app is currently available on the Google Play store for about $6.

With millions of downloads for Android devices, SolCalendar is certainly one of the more successful global task management tools. SolCalendar is a free-to-download app, but you wouldn’t guess that given just how high-quality this app is. Unlike the other calendars that merely help you get your proverbial ducks in a row, SolCalendar ultimately aims to help users live more passionate lives by providing relevant information and efficiently organizing events and tasks. SolCalendar is known for its design and functions. Major IT medias, such as The New Web, name it as one of the best alternatives for Google Calendar. Additional functions like real-time weather forecasts and map integration, stickers for special events, and translations for dozens of languages make this the perfect planner for international audiences and global citizens.

This free organization tool has over 28 million downloads for Android devices, and has the most features of the apps on this list. Included among the myriad features Jorte provides are a diary function, a countdown timer for events, compatibility and the ability to sync with Microsoft Office 365, cloud storage capabilities, and font customization. As the blog MakeUseOf puts it, “Jorte goes beyond what other calendar apps are capable of,” and is great for those looking for more stylish and individualized management assistants.