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Get Apple Music for Your Android Device Today

If you have an Android, you can finally rock out to the millions of jams offered by iTunes. Check out how you can get Apple Music for your Android.

It seems as if there is a large divide within the natural duopoly between the iPhone and the Android. Both companies are constantly innovating so they can stay on top of the game. However, it seems as if Apple has bridged the competitive gap between the two businesses.

Apple decided to team up with Android and allow their users to access Apple Music. Here are some things you should know about this new development.

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You can only sign up for an individual plan.
There is no family plan yet. As of now, you can only receive an individual monthly subscription, which is priced at $9.99 per month. You do receive a free month trial; however, you are automatically charged once that free month has expired.

You receive all the benefits that iPhone users receive with Apple Music.
Curated playlists, musical recommendations, radio — it’s all there. Don’t feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick just because you’re using an Apple app on an Android. Beats One is also included within the Apple Music package, so you can constantly listen to radio hits tailored to your interests 24/7.

You need an Apple Account to have access to Apple Music.
You might have an Apple ID without even knowing it. If you have ever purchased anything from iTunes, whether it be a song, album, TV show, etc., you have an Apple ID. If you have never used iTunes, then you will need to create an Apple ID. This can be done through the Apple Music application.

No voice control.
Sadly, our good friend Siri isn’t programmed within Android phones. Thus, you have no means to utilize voice control to play a song. On the iPhone, you can simply tell Siri to “play The Beatles” and she will immediately pull up the Apple Music app for you.

Android’s version of Apple Music is still in its beta stage.
As a result, the program is still being developed, and likely has significant errors that need to be accounted for prior to launching the product. So, if you decide to download Apple Music early, be patient if you experience technical difficulties with the app.

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