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Get Rid of Pointless Apps and Free Up Space

There are plenty of applications out there that take up space, but many of them aren't even applications that we willingly installed or even use.

We use our phones for a variety of different reasons, which means that we store a lot of data and apps on our phones. We have a lot of apps that we install by choice, and we also use many apps that come installed on our phones. Either way, there’s a lot of information that’s stored on our devices. In the digital age, everything moves very quickly, which means that an app you may have once loved, you no longer use. Don’t let that app take up valuable space on your phone when you can remove it and use that space for something better.

It’s time to stop wasting your phone’s space and to start using it for things you use everyday, or on pictures and videos you love. There’s no reason to keep using valuable storage on your device on applications you don’t even intend to use. Use DFNDR’s App Manager feature to remove or disable unused apps and free up space on your phone for more photos, videos, and apps that you love with just one click of a button:

App manager
What’s especially frustrating, though, are the “bloatware” applications that come installed on phones from the phone carriers. A lot of applications come installed on our devices by default that we don’t use. These apps already take up a lot of space, and lead us to purchasing bigger SD cards and/or more device memory. Often, these applications aren’t used, and just serve to use up valuable RAM and to take up space on our device storage. There’s no reason to keep any of these apps on our phones, but we’re forced to keep them anyway — manufacturers don’t typically give users the option to remove these apps.

Some people will go through painstakingly long lengths and processes to root their phone and remove the apps that come installed on their devices. This can make the device more insecure, and it also takes a lot of time and work. It can even prevent users from having the most recent updates on their phone, which means their phones will be more vulnerable to malware that takes advantage of outdated software. Luckily, there’s a better way to handle these types of applications. It will take a lot less time to remove them, and you already have the means to take care of this problem right now — with DFNDR’s App Manager feature.