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Get to Know These Cybercrime Trends

There are a number of new cyber threats out there and they could knock on your door one day.

Cybercrime is increasing in 2018 and so are the levels of criminal schemes. The most prevalent cybercrime trends at the moment are hackers attempting to infiltrate smart devices through IoT attacks, ransomware designed to steal money from unsuspecting victims, steganography to gather data illicitly from device owners, as well as industrial malware attacks. The best way to protect yourself from any attacks on your Android smartphone is by using dfndr security, which has a full virus scan feature to monitor threats on your device, anti-hacking capabilities to block a malicious link before you even click on one and scheduled scans to keep malware at bay.

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Here’s what you should know about the latest cybercrime trends roaming the digital world.

Steganography Attacks
This branch of cybercrime refers to the use of steganography in attacks, as hackers use malicious code in images to infect your devices. Using steganography as a method for a cyberattack has not been used widely in recent years, but security experts believe the trend is slated to make a comeback. One of the most common forms of steganography attacks is the Sundown exploit kit, which uses malware to steal information.

Keep an Eye Out for Ransomware
There are forms of ransomware outside of steganography that have also been infecting device owners, including Locky. The ransomware has been around since 2016 and it is a spam campaign that sends a Microsoft Word document via email with malicious macros, asking users to enable macros. If the macros are enabled, their device will get infected with a trojan. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated with time, so beware!

The Rise of IoT Attacks
Internet of Things (IoT) devices are all the rage these days as they offer convenience at the palm of your hand. However, some of the most common cybercrimes nowadays target IoT devices such as Wi-Fi cameras. There are botnets known as Reaper that can target multiple vulnerabilities at once.

Industrial Malware Also Increasing
Vulnerabilities found in industrial control systems and safety instrumental systems suggest that industrial malware could be making waves soon. Malware such as Triton has been shutting down plants and industrial systems recently, mostly in the Middle East. However, these threats could eventually make their way stateside.

While some of these cybercrime trends seem far from your everyday life, the truth is some of them could easily sweep into your digital world. The best thing to do is remain aware, vigilant, and have antivirus software installed on all your devices.