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Should You Get a VPN App for Your Android?

A VPN helps to encrypt the data on your device. You may have heard of this ability for PCs, but did you know that VPN apps are available for your phone?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that essentially makes your Internet connection more secure. A VPN app is designed to keep your IP address and location private. That way, hackers and website trackers cannot learn about your location. This is a good tool to use when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, for it encrypts your connection to the network so that hackers cannot easily access your data.

Before You Download a VPN App

Remember: DFNDR helps to protect your device from malware and theft. Like a VPN app, DFNDR’s top concerns are security and privacy. A VPN app cannot replace your antivirus software: it will not protect your device from downloading malicious files, whether from the Web, or through a malicious app. That means that a VPN app will not protect your data from being stolen — but DFNDR will. That’s why it’s important to regularly scan your device for malware. Click here to run a virus scan now:

Security Scan

Why You Should Get a VPN App

Odds are, you use your smartphone for pretty much everything, which means that you have a lot of sensitive data on your phone. Sometimes, in order to cut down on your data usage, you may want to connect to public Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as you might hope.

Without a VPN, connecting to public Wi-Fi — such as the Wi-Fi in an airport, library, or coffee shop — can put the security of your device’s data at risk. If a malicious individual were to gain access to the public network, they could easily see all of the activities of every person that is currently connected to the network. That’s why it’s never a good idea to access sensitive information, shop online, send an email, or pay a bill when you’re using a public network.

VPN Apps to Consider

TunnelBear VPN is a massively popular app in the Play store. It’s also available to download for free. You’ll also get 500 GB of free data every month, and you can get more data with a subscription to TunnelBear. It’s a simple app designed to hide your location/IP address, encrypt your connection, and unblock websites from other countries. As the name suggests, there’s also a bear “mascot” to help you ensure that your connection is secure.

ExpressVPN can be used in more than 100 locations around the world — far more than TunnelBear. This app focuses on encryption and the ability to have two connections at once. You must subscribe to this service for access.