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Going Incognito Isn’t Enough to Keep Your Searches Private

Although going Incognito in your web browser gives you the feeling of security, it's not actually as safe or as private as you think it is.

The only thing that incognito mode does is prevent your web browser from storing your information. When you’re in private mode and visit a website on your phone or computer, your browser won’t be able to store your data or any of the data that you may fill out on that website. If you’re looking to protect yourself online, then incognito mode isn’t enough to do so. Use the anti-hacking feature to block malicious websites and phishing attempts so that you never have to worry about someone stealing your personal information:


Why Incognito Mode Isn’t Private Enough
Sure, incognito mode keeps you safe from your web browser tracking your browsing history, some cookies, and even the passwords that you have saved online. Incognito mode is mainly useful for hiding your searches from other people on a shared computer, such as a family desktop, though.

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Incognito mode doesn’t mean that your boss or Internet service provider can’t track your browsing history. Many major websites can still track and record your behavior in incognito mode, too, which means that you won’t be able to escape data collecting and targeted advertising. You’re never completely secure or private when browsing in incognito mode because records of your behavior are still being kept.

How You Can Still Get Hacked Even in Incognito
There are many different viruses and bugs that can track the data you search while you’re in incognito mode. Another way that hackers can track you while you’re in incognito mode is through canvas fingerprinting. This way of hacking essentially creates an identity for your phone that is unique; it can then share your identity and personal information from any sites that you may browse while on private browsing mode. It won’t matter that you’re on private browsing mode because the canvas fingerprinting is still constantly stealing your data that they can then sell.

Finally, there are malware and viruses that can invade your online privacy. If you’re using a browser extension that records everything you do online, then it will still be recording you even if you’re in incognito mode, which leaves you vulnerable to hackers.