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Google Allo Fully Integrates Google Assistant

Google Allo is making some changes. If you use the app to chat with friends, keep reading to find out all of its new features.

After its launch in September of 2016, Google Allo did not gain the user base the company had hoped for. Competition is rife between Allo and popular chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and many users found that Allo didn’t stack up. While it may sound like Allo’s future is questionable, Google has been taking as many steps as possible to improve the app.

The Google Assistant Button

One step Google recently took towards creating a more appealing app for users was creating a button to easily bring Google Assistant into conversations. Up until now, Allo users have had to type @google into their chat in order to access the friendly AI service. However, with the recent update, a button to access Google Assistant now appears in the text box where users type their messages.

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First of all, having a button readily available will make the Google Assistant visible to users who might not have ever thought to use it with Allo. However, the new feature also makes it easier for users to obtain important information on the spot, especially if they’re in a rush. For instance, you can ask the bot for the weather as you’re about to leave the house in the morning. Or, if you and a friend are planning to meet for dinner, you can look up restaurants in the area with the touch of a button. Since Google Assistant is built into Allo, you and your friend will both be able to see the results of its searches in your Allo chat. This is arguably one of the most convenient aspects of having Allo and Google Assistant in one place.

Other New Features

Google also added some additional features to Allo. You can now search for gifs in your Allo chat by opening up the emojis and scrolling to the last page, and you can send giant, animated emojis with Allo’s “shout” feature.

What’s Next?

Google will surely continue to develop Allo in order to make it more appealing to and convenient for users. When asked for feedback, many users noted that they would prefer an all-inclusive app that could be used on many devices. Adding the ability to connect Allo to multiple devices through a Google account may be a possible fix. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you in the loop as Google continues to improve Allo!