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Google Assistant is Coming to Marshmallow and Nougat Phones

Google is busy rolling out Google Assistant to Android Nougat and Marshmallow smartphones. Read on to see when you can expect it.

If you follow Google on YouTube, you may have caught a very big announcement recently. In a fun thirty-second video, Google announced via its YouTube channel that it will begin a huge expansion of its Google Assistant across Android Marshmallow and Nougat devices. So, when can we expect Google Assistant to arrive on these smart devices? Well, it is already happening.

Where Google Assistant Will Arrive First

Earlier, Google shared that it had planned to roll out the Assistant during the Mobile World Congress (that recently occurred). So, who gets to receive the big update first? Android users located in the United States will be the first to get their hands on Google Assistant for Marshmallow and Nougat phones. After that, Australia will receive access to the update, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, and then Germany.

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How the Update Works

How will the Google Assistant update work? Fortunately, it’s easy. There are no extra apps to download and enable. Instead, you will simply receive an update notification on your device. Once you enable the update, Google Assistant will become available on your phone, just like it is on the Google Pixel. Then, you can ask questions, have it do things for you (like dial your mother), and tell you whatever other information comes to mind. It’s just like typing your question into Google, but without any of the extra work. Instead, Google Assistant is voice activated and will do the work for you, instantly providing you with the answer you need.

Few Android Users Will Receive the Update

Google has stated that the only drawback to the much-anticipated update is that only compatible devices will receive the update. Roughly 31% of Android users currently have compatible Android devices. For now, users are guessing and hoping that their Android smartphones will soon gain the new function so that they no longer have to resort to using the Allo app in order to access Google Assistant.

Android Users Can’t Wait for Google Assistant

Why is there so much excitement surrounding the update? Google Assistant is an easy-to-use helper. The more you use Google Assistant, the better the smart assistant will get over time, as it will learn more about your interests and your preferences.

Once the update arrives on your Android device, you’ll be able to hold down the home button to activate Google Assistant. Set up is then easy; just follow the prompts.