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Google Fixed Over 100 Security Flaws, but Are You Safe?

Have you heard about the massive security update by Google? Find out more about the large amount of security breaches that were amended.

Google has recently fixed over 100 security flaws that plagued millions of phones across the nation. While this sounds like a major security fix for Android phones, there are several more security issues present that could infect your phone.

The Android’s mediaserver was the primary fix from these security updates. This mediaserver component helped facilitate the processing of video and audio on the Android device. There were 16 vulnerabilities fixed within the mediaserver, with 7 of them being marked as “critical” flaws.

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Many of these problems were found within chipset drivers. As a result, on the security bulletin, the patches are split up between fixes for all Androids and fixes for Androids with chipset drivers. Specifically, 54 high-security flaws were identified within chipset drivers. These flaws could have resulted in a complete compromise of your device.

Several of these patches — 75 to be exact — were marked as device specific. This means that the patches only affected a select number of Android phones, whereas other devices weren’t affected. Among these 75 patches, 12 were marked as “critical,” meaning that the security flaw that was fixed posed a dangerous threat to the device. The Wi-Fi driver and USB driver were two of the components addressed in this security patch.

If you wish to see what security update your phone is currently on, go to your device’s “About phone” setting. There will be a string of text presented to you under your security patch. Google your phone’s security patch number to see what the patch corresponds to. Clicking on this “About phone” setting should also notify you if you have the most recent patch installed.

Am I Safe?

There will always be a proliferation of computer hacking; however, there will also be a persistent attempt to minimize these hackings. Although you are not completely safe, there are steps you can take to help prevent a malware infestation.

Start off by downloading PSafe Total for free on the Google Play Store. PSafe Total contains several features that help foster security and efficiency on your device.