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Google Fixes Two Major Security Problems

Google’s new Android update amended two severe issues that were negatively affecting smartphone security. Find out more here.

Google recently fixed two major security problems that were affecting a number of Android users. However, as of September, these security updates have only been released for the Nexus phones, so several million users are still vulnerable.

Google combined its 4 main security problems into what they called “Quadrooter.” When the Quadrooter affected over 900 million Android users, Google was prompted to take action. Here are the two security problems Google recently fixed with their update:

The first vulnerability is similar to the stagefright epidemic

Stagefright is a group of software viruses that enable an attacker to execute arbitrary operations on the victim’s phone via remote code execution. Some of these codes included jpegs and other formats that can be emailed. Similarly, this security breach would send jpeg images through Gmail and Google Talk that, unfortunately, would expose victims to viruses without ever having to click on anything — the malicious code would manifest itself through the jpeg’s data.

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The second vulnerability was exposed by someone on Google’s Project Zero security team

It was deemed an “extremely dangerous bug” by the Google research team because it allowed hackers to initiate malware on vulnerable devices in a variety of ways. A spokesperson from Google explained that this exploit was utilized for research purposes, and it only affected a select number of phones. However, because of the dangers it posed, the breach needed to be addressed.

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