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Google Offers an Inside Look into the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games are underway in Rio de Janeiro. Don’t miss a single medal — find out how Google can guide you through the big games.

Google is offering an excellent service for those who want to stay up-to-date with the array of games occurring in Rio this summer. Google offers updated information and stats on the different sports, countries, athletes, medals, and more!

Simply start by googling “Rio 2016,” and Google will present to you a table with all of the information you need. You can click on your favorite country and view the number of medals they have won. You can click on the athletes tab to look at your favorite star athletes and see how they are performing. You also won’t have to miss out on a world record, because there are official broadcasters’ highlights in over 60 countries posted on the Google program. Google has also spoken of enabling live streaming for some of the games.

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Using your Android phone offers extra benefits — you can set an option that will automatically update your phone on the biggest games and medals, so you’ll always stay in the loop. Michael Phelps will hopefully keep your phone buzzing as he goes on to win 22 medals again.

Google is also offering an updated Google Maps street view of Rio so you can see popular tourist attractions such as Cristo Redentor and Praia de Copacabana right on your computer screen.

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